Vastu Tips to Hang Pictures for Positive Effects

Vastu Tips to Hang Pictures for Positive Effects

According to Vastu Shastra, if the photographs taken in the house are in the right direction, they give positive energy, but if they are in the wrong direction, then they take the happiness of home.

According to Vastu Shastra, a special direction should be used only to photograph the house holders. Doing so keeps love in the family.

According to Vastu Science, the north, east direction and north-east direction of the house should be used to photograph the family members.

These three directions are right for photographing the members of the family, apart from these, pictures of close relatives may also be included in these directions.

But apart from this there should not be a picture of family members in any direction. Put the picture of the heavenly members of the house, the north side of the house.

Their pictures should not be used in the place of worship, temple or other directions. God’s furious form or war should be avoided in the house. Due to these, the conflict between the members of the house continues to grow.

The picture of Hanuman ji should be done at the place of worship only at home. If your eyes are caught on the spot after being impure in other parts of the house then it will be blamed. This can increase the unrest and tension in the house.

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