vastu shastra tips

Vastu Shastra Tips

According to Vastu Shastra, the use of these six things of another person

Energy is very important in Vastu Shastra. Every human being has its own energy, which also affects the things used around us and the objects used by us. In such a way, using certain things of others can cause unfortunate and financial problems for us. So do not forget to use these six Vaastu of others by forgetting.

vastu shastra tips

All these things are such that everyone uses it continuously. All his positive and negative energy lives on those items. When we ask someone to use any of his things, his negative energy also goes with us. Therefore, keep forgetting that you should never borrow any of these 6 things from anyone and if you have any one of these 6 things, return it immediately –

  1. Pen

Many times we borrow others’s pen for work, but forget to return it after the work is done. This can be a cause of economic troubles and insults for us. Therefore, do not keep any other pen with you by forgetting.

  1. The clock

The clock that is worn in the hands also places good and bad energy on humans. On wearing clothes of others, you may have to face failure and economic losses in human activities, avoid it.

  1. Cloth

Asking or using clothes for others can also cause many problems and troubles for you. So avoid clothes or wear clothes of others.


Looking at someone else’s wealth or not borrowing back, it also causes economic problems and misfortune for humans. Therefore, if you borrow from someone, then return the money.


Using any other person’s napkin makes the cause and stress of those two people. Also, the person taking handkerchief of others can face the loss of money constantly.

  1. Bedding

Gold on another person’s bed or bed is also considered to be a Vastu defect. By doing so, there are battles between people who always sleep in bed and the other person has to face the financial problems.

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