shani grah

Shani Grah

Shani Grah

In India astrology has been described as 9 planets, in which Saturn is considered a judge. Saturn’s position in the horoscope has a direct impact on our lives. If this planet is inauspicious for a person then luck does not get along and there are problems in the house. To remove Saturn’s faults, Saturn should be given Shami’s leaves. Shami leaves can also be offered not only to Saturn but also to Shivaji and Ganesha. The scriptures say that Shami is considered sacred. That is why after Sri Lanka’s victory, Sri Ram worshiped the Shami tree. According to another belief, during the Mahabharata, Pandavas had hidden their weapons in Shami’s plant during their ignorance. For this reason, Shami has a lot of importance.

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