Residential Vastu

Residential Vastu

Increase mutual Stability between the People of the house with the Assistance of Both Vastu Shastra”

In India, the combined family is becoming tired now
Men and women in the joint family have dwelt here now however they’re unable to come across one’s center. The company is shared however, the worship room and also your kitchen are very different.

Whenever there’s any defect from the southwest angle, then there’s a strain or anxiety from your family.
Fixing south-west angles at the living area or family area in can enhance a few of our customs.
Whilst photographing the full living room of this living area or South South corner of their family space, the photo of the whole family ought to be drawn from the western wall. Remember that the house’s pinnacle is currently sitting at the center and also another members have been seated in sequence, those members of their house’s photos laugh. Should be achieved The photo should occur where there’s just really a lighting that is comprehensive, the household photos set in the shadow [seal or jal] will provide upsidedown.

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