The significance of Nava Graha (Nine Planets) Puja:

Nava Grahas would be the heart of Vedic astrology of their Hindus. Sunlight is the ruler of planets and also the Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system. All the planets have their own unique effect on the beings of the earth. If most of the nine planets have been appropriately propitiated by way of a Vedic puja, it can attract notable positive shifts in one’s life. As every planet signifies the various stages and aspects of life, it is a excellent way to enrich all the critical characteristics of life with the help of those planets that are nervous. Even people that don’t have proper birth details can make the maximum out with the puja.

Sri Jyotish Kendra will arrange the Nava Graha puja on an auspicious muhurtam along with the addition of your title and nakshatra through the Sankalpa of the puja. An elaborate procedure will soon be followed according to the Shastras that may include the mantras of Vedas, Puranas, and the Agamas. All the planets (deities) is going to be individually venerated after kalashasthapana and also invocation with the assistance of Shodasha Upacharas. Ancient Nava-grahasuktam, Surya Suktam, BrihaspatiSuktam along with different Vedic hymns is going to be chanted together side Puranic stotras and mantras of their agamas. After the completion of this puja, you’ll be delivered the holy ashes, kumkum, and prasadam via courier to your speech. Along with this, additionally you will receive yourself a fully energized Nava-grahaYantram (empowered during a distinctive muhurtam) that will be held in your puja place and worshiped regularly to get a beneficial and profitable life.

Benefits of Nava Graha Pujan:

  1. It is the ideal fix for over all planets associated with doshas.
  2. It propitiates the malefic planets and strengthens the planets that are dilapidated.
  3. It is a really strong solution to guarantee total success in all expanses of life.
  4. People who’ve multiple planetary afflictions inside their graphs should execute this puja.
  5. It is very beneficial in enhancing domestic happiness and prosperity.
  6. Issues related to union, progeny, career, relations etc. could be sorted out.

Information Related Puja

Delivery: 7 days According to Muhurta.

The founders and pundits of all Sri Jyotish Kendra  have completed the puja, for astounding and amazing respite from anguish and alleviate your own problems.

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Rs. 5100/-

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Nava Grahas would be the heart of Vedic astrology of their Hindus. Sunlight is the ruler of planets and also the Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system.All the planets have their own unique effect

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