Exaltation of Planets in Astrology

Exaltation of Planets in Astrology

Master May Affect Existence of planetary rejuvenation *

Increase cough, metal and fat. The swelling swelling of your system, etc., are dependent on the status in their birth horoscope. Sun Mars, Moon are his friends. Mercury retains the equation out of Venus to the enemy, the soul and the Saturn. The idea of master sacrifice, moon-stroke, superstitious and religious pleasures and wisdom at the wedding is dependent on their position.
The owner of this Hemant season is powerful in the daytime, the individual who sits in the house is reduced to the joy of the individual but his vision is worthwhile or inauspicious in line with the Rashtipati or the planets in the 5th, 7th and also the ninth.
Sitting in the center 1-4-7-10, Jupiter Maharaj especially enjoys Jatak for knowledge, wisdom and conscience. There are twelve (house) houses in the research. In these twelve distinct amounts and in the twelve levels in different amounts, nine planets reside according to their status of arrival. In these senses, just a few forms can be said in the form of zodiac standing, world status, eyesight and vision. Composing the fruit in line with the place or the quantity in different quotes of a single planet might need to be confused.
So as to please Jupiter Dev, the gift of yellow meals, flowers, gold, musk, yellow flowers, fruits, gurus, blessings of this complete Guru Brahmin, the support is always to give auspicious results. To keep the quick of Jupiter warfare, feed the gram dal bunny, to worship Peepal (in addition to Sundays), to use topaz is a special benefit

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