Donate but according to the plan

Donate but according to the plan

It is said that there is no religion more than charity, but have you ever thought that charity can sometimes bring trouble for you. Yes, there are some things that become inauspicious when donating. In other words, charity is considered very important not only in Sanatan Dharma but in other religions. It is growing with tradition or custom.

Donations are also made for the fulfillment of various purposes. The donor has been told that he gets rid of pleasure and luxury and he also gets benefit after death. In other words, paves the way for liberation from the sins of life. This is the reason why special significance of donation is also mentioned in astrology.

Astrologers are asked to donate according to the person’s special birth journal. This is the reason that donors are seen donating extra money, expensive jewelery and other items. In spite of this, it is said that charity should be done only after looking at the position of the planets, otherwise it starts to suffer loss rather than profit.

Various types of charity work is done to calm different planets of the horoscope. According to astrology, planetary positions must be seen and donated accordingly, so that they are rewarding for you.

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